An Easy Way to Hang Level Picture Frames

I despise these types of brackets for hanging frames on the wall.

hanging picture frames with screws
No matter how much I use the tape measure and level, the screws never seem to line up with the holes in the bracket.  Never.  I think I figured out a better way to ensure that the screws fit every time, level and even.
Role a small piece of painters tape and lightly lay it on top of the bracket.  Use a screwdriver or sharp point to poke a hole through the tape at the place of the hole in the bracket. 

Place your frame against the wall in the place you wish to hang it.  You can use a level if you like, but I usually just eyeball it, especially since none of the walls or ceilings in my house seem to have square corners or straight lines.  When the frame is in the place you want it, press on the frame so the tape transfers to the wall.  

Remove the frame and what you should have left is tape on the walls, exactly in the places where you need to drill the holes or put in the screws.

This was the first time that I hung a frame with one of these silly brackets without any extra holes in the wall!

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