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    • Jenny Leads says

      Thanks so much ladies! I think that is one of my favorite parts of our backyard – just how involved the girls can be with everything. It’s fun to see their passions and personalities take shape out there!

  1. Amy @ My Life From Home says

    I love it! So many things to do and well organized. Your kids must really enjoy summer play. The bird house is genius. I have never heard of that before and your fairy garden is so pretty. Enjoy your summer!

    • Jenny Leads says

      I’m so glad it doesn’t seem scary, Roxanne! You know, my perspective is probably a bit jaded because I know what used to be there, and what still lurks in the back – but you’re right, it really doesn’t look all that bad from far away!

  2. Bre says

    Your yard is awesome!!! All of those great, FREE finds! And your daughter’s fairy garden is the cutest thing ever. My kids are helping our neighbor with her fairy garden and having so much fun!

  3. Tara @ Lehman lane says

    Jenny your yard looks wonderful! A perfect spot for your girls to play, that cottonwood tree is amazing. It looks like it gives you some great shade. Great tip with how you found your playset by asking on FB and yours is in great shape after you fixed it up. I am so glad you got to join in the garden hop :).

    • Jenny Leads says

      Hi Elizabeth – thanks so much for stopping by! It has been quite a bit of work, but we’re finally at a place that I feel like the work is starting to show and it’s a space we can enjoy, which is a great feeling!

  4. Meg @ Green With Decor says

    You have such a great yard! I totally hear you about always being more to do, but it’s fun to enjoy the yard in progress. Your veggie garden and plant tower are great! And how awesome you got a swing set for free!

    • Jenny Leads says

      There always is more to do, right?! But you’re right, that is part of the fun of it all. I usually just sit in my backyard and position myself in a way that I can’t see the back third of the yard. 😉

  5. Iris Nacole says

    You have such a wonderful backyard! As a first time mom, I want to make sure that I’m making space for my son to play too, but I haven’t managed to make it nearly as amazing as your space for your children! Goals!! Thanks for sharing!

    • Jenny Leads says

      Thanks Iris! It is such a work in progress, and every year I look back to the year before and realize how much has changed each year. Then, they’ll grow out of everything and it’ll be time to figure out a new use for the space!

  6. Maria/simplenaturedecor says

    I love your back yard you created. Is very festive and colorful. The pots of plants are so charming. Great space for kids, good luck with everything and don’t be a stranger, miss you at the party. Hope to see you at the Haven

  7. Oliver Worker says

    Wow! Wonderful backyard Jenny. I really love it! I’d like to try something similar with this with the kids at home. It inspires me! Kids would love this much. Thanks for sharing.


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