I Built Our New Bed!! – ORC Week 4

I’m just a tad bit excited over here; I built our new queen bed!  As part of the One Room Challenge hosted by Calling it Home, I decided to tackle our master bedroom.  We have some problems with storage around here.  We live in a small house, and I’ve pretty much taken over the basement for a workroom and kids’ playroom,  so there’s not much room to store off season clothes.  This DIY platform bed is going to solve all of those problems!

master bedroom before 5 Previously, we stored off season clothes in roll-away plastic containers under the bed.  They collected a lot of dust, and one of our dogs loved to squeeze in between them to chew up things he was not supposed to have.

diy queen bedNot anymore!  I’m going to build some wooden crates to fit inside the cubbies, and my hope is that it’s going to look 100 times better than our scattered plastic crates.

how to build a queen bed pottery barn

I’ll have an entire post dedicated to our new bed, included better pictures.  I’m actually out of town, so I asked my husband to take a couple of pictures.  He seemed worried, but I assured him he could do it.  He asked what to do with the sheets and such, and I told him it really didn’t matter.  I can tell that he made sure to try to make the bed with the sheets, which just makes me smile.

For now, I have a lot more work to do in the space when I return home.  I always consider these smaller, finishing-touch projects to be more fun, though, so I hope I’m able to get them all done!

Farmhouse Master Bedroom on a budget

If you want to check out my progress posts, you can see them here:

Week 1:  The room and the plan

Week 2:  Ceiling repairs and painting the wall

Week 3:  Installing a plank wall

Here’s that to-do list that keeps me accountable.  If I didn’t have it somewhere in my head, I would try to leave everything until the last week, which would make life really difficult.

  • Repair ceiling and wall; repaint ceiling
  • Paint walls
  • Cut and install plank wall
  • Patch holes and paint plank wall
  • Build queen platform bed
  • Paint bed
  • Make and stencil headboard
  • Make crates for underneath bed
  • Sew and stencil curtains
  • Repair and upholster vintage chair
  • DIY nightstand project
  • Make pillow covers from vintage fabric
  • Hang new (old) light fixture?

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3 thoughts on “I Built Our New Bed!! – ORC Week 4

  1. Love the bed! Would you share the details on how to make it?? We are downsizing to a smaller home (retiring soon) and will need all the extra storage space we muster.

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