Framed Magnetic Chalkboard Wall

chalkboard frame
It’s ironic – I was ecstatic when the chalkboard in my classroom was replaced with a whiteboard several years ago.  I despise the feeling of chalk dust on my fingers.  Yet, I always knew (before I even had children) I wanted them to have a chalkboard in their playroom.  Maybe I’m just trying to inspire future teachers?  I’ve seen tons of cute and creative uses of chalkboard paint over the past couple of years, but I decided to use old materials to create my daughter’s very own chalkboard wall.
I am always jealous when people say they “find” beautiful furniture or materials laying around their house or at garage sales and flea markets.  I never seem to stumble upon these gems.  Maybe I need to do more shopping…
Well, this time it actually happened to me.  I was cleaning out all the art supplies my grandpa left behind at our cottage, and stumbled upon this large, gold embellished art frame.  Besides a small chip in one corner, it was in really great condition.  Well, let’s be honest, great condition, expect for the chipped gold.
We all know a few layers of spray paint can fix anything.


I used a glazing technique to go over the white painted frame in a turquoise-blue color.  I mixed two parts Martha Stewart Faux Finish Glaze with one part DutchBoy eggshell paint.
refinishing picture frames

 I roughly brushed it onto the detailed parts of the frame (and this frame had a lot of those, making the glazing technique perfect for it), and then took a cloth and wiped away the excess.  Side note: I actually used the same technique and color for the Paint Swatch Calendar that is also in the playroom.  I used the eggshell paint (without the glaze) and a very steady hand to paint the cloth strip in the middle of the frame.  I suppose I could have used painter’s tape, but I like a challenge.

After preparing the frame, I set out to paint the wall.  I used painter’s tape to make a rectangle the size of the inside of the frame and applied three coats of magnetic paint (after two coats, magnets still weren’t sticking!) and two coats of blackboard paint.  Of course, I waited until each layer completely dried before painting the next.

I used a nail gun to nail the frame into the studs of the wall and, voila!  My daughter loves to put her magnetic animals up, and I can’t wait until she starts drawing and writing up there.  Fun and educational, and even a bit stylish at the same time.

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