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This dining room table only cost $37 at a thrift store! After stripping and bleaching the top and painting the base, it looks like a new piece of furniture! Refinished farmhouse table with natural wood top and painted gray base.

I need this sign! This tutorial includes a graphic that can be made into a stencil or transferred to wood using a printer and permanent marker or paint pen. Plus, it shows how to make a white sign with a wood frame. An easy DIY project that makes me smile!
Truth. I don’t have much more to say than that. I have the full tutorial on how to make this sign, and the graphic to make your own.
Turn the side of your fridge into a command center with chalkboard paint and a wood frame.
I finally took control of the avalanche that piled up on the side of my fridge. Each kid has their own “clipboard”, we have a calendar that I’m finally actually writing on, and there’s a little place for quotes and messages. Here’s hoping it keeps me a little more organized!
An old vintage rocking chair gets a new look with stripped wood and a modern black and white fabric.
Sharing all the details on how I transformed this vintage rocking chair for my daughter’s nursery. The before version of this chair would have camouflaged right into that chalkboard wall. But with some help from @minwaxusa stain and new fabric from @minted, it definitely doesn’t blend in anymore!
Room makeover completed for under $100 - including a new table and chairs! Vintage modern farmhouse dining room with plate gallery wall and DIY wood sign with quote.
Now that my dining room is finally finished, I thought today would be the perfect day to pull this egg crate light tutorial from my archives. Follow the link in my profile for all the details!
Room makeover completed for under $100 - including a new table and chairs! Vintage modern farmhouse dining room with plate gallery wall and DIY wood sign with quote.
I always decorate on a budget, but I’m a little surprised by all I was able to accomplish in this room as part of the #100roomchallenge. Somehow I managed to bring in a “new” dining set with my $100 budget. Plus, there’s a lot more to see just to the left! You can see the whole room by clicking the link in my profile.


How to make custom wood signs with quotes | how to make a wooden sign with a wood frame
I’m so excited to give this room a makeover with only $100 as part of the #100roomchallenge! I know, this room looks pretty much finished, but swipe over to see what’s lurking just to the left. I have big plans, including a “new” dining table!! #linkinprofile #ontheblog .
I love the gray dresser with the brass pulls. This dresser started as a dark cherry wood color; it looks so much better now.
These little brass pulls gave the perfect finishing touch to my freshly painted nursery dresser. @dlawlesshardware to the rescue again! They always have exactly what I’m looking for, and then about 20 other styles that I love and take forever to decide between!


Plant a succulent garden in a jello mold to fit around an umbrella pole - genius! I see these at the thrift store all the time. Now I need to pick one up!
An old copper jello mold seemed to be the perfect little planter for these succulents. Bonus – it fit around our umbrella pole! #linkinprofile #ontheblog
An old sofa table can be reused as a DIY raised garden bed! This is such an easy outdoor project!
This sofa table used to be that orange-y pine color, but now it’s anything but orange, nor is it a sofa table anymore for that matter! I consider my new salad bar to be a true #trashure now!
I tagged a few more upcycling friends – do you have a piece of #trashure to share?
I’ll be sharing the full transformation on the blog tomorrow!
Follow these steps on how to plant succulents and they'll survive forever!
Everyone says succulents are impossible to kill, but I sure proved that theory wrong a few years ago! Luckily, I’ve learned a couple tricks on how to plant and care for them, and now I can keep them alive forever! I’m sharing five tips on how to keep this cuties alive and thriving.

This nursery is filled with fun vintage finds to create a modern spin on a vintage classroom. I love the green chalkboard wall!
Green is my all-time favorite color, and although I wasn’t doing it intentionally, I realized I have it in every room in my house (even though all of my rooms look totally different because I can’t figure out what I like). I guess green is the only common thread! I just had to share my current favorite green in our home for #howyouhome this week because I love it so much! .
This nursery dresser was updated with a coat of gray paint and new brass pulls.
It’s amazing what a coat of paint can do! I updated our boring nursery dresser with @generalfinishes in Driftwood. It only took me five years to finally get around to painting it! Do you have a piece in your home that you have big plans for, but just can’t get around to actually working on it? This let me check off one project from the list of 1000! #linkinprofile #ontheblog

I wish I knew these tricks for shopping flea markets before! This lady has bought AND sold at flea markets so she knows what she's talking about.
It’s flea market season!! I’ve put together my top five tips for shopping at flea markets to get the best deals on home decor. You can visit the post #ontheblog and then maybe even use them this weekend. I know I will be!! #linkinprofile #fleamarket#fleamarketstyle
$40 to update a couch?! Instead of buying a new couch, you can easily sew a slipcover! Using drop cloths as the fabric keeps the cost down.
We’re up at the lake this weekend, and after some beach time and s’more making yesterday, we ended the day right here watching our new favorite movie – Moana! Would you believe there’s an ugly 1970s couch hiding under that drop cloth slipcover? Just search “drop cloth” for all the details if you have your own ugly couch that needs hiding too.

What a great use of unused space behind a door! Add book ledges to store books or small toys.
We had this horribly awkward area in the corner behind two doors, so I finally figured out a way to use the space productively. These book ledges were so easy AND cheap to make – just the way I like projects to be! All the details are on the blog. #linkinprofile #buildlikeagirl#whydidntithinkofthissooner (Side note – has anyone ever read My World and find it to be a strange little book?)
I love the combination of vintage wood rocking chair with a modern fabric.
Switching to this vintage rocking chair was the best decision ever! It takes up way less room, is just as comfy, and looks 100 times prettier than my old nursing chair. Branch Toss fabric from @minted helped to bring it back to life!#oneroomchallenge @housebeautiful@callingithome
It's easy to install a new roof on a backyard structure like a shed, playhouse, or lean-to. #roofeditmyself #shop
I finally finished up this project I’ve been meaning to do for years with the help of @gafroofing supplies. Perhaps, now with a designated space, my girls will actually put away all their outdoor toys… #roofeditmyself #diy #ad
I love the multi-colored chairs! It's amazing how an old metal patio set can look new again with a coat of paint. This post also gives hints on how to cover up those rust spots!
Last Spring I updated our hand-me-down patio furniture from boring black to these happy colors. Naturally, everyone in my family has designated their favorite color as “their” chair. You can’t see it very well, but I get the green one. I thought this mama deserved one of the chairs that rocks.


This nursery is filled with fun vintage finds to create a modern spin on a vintage classroom. I love the green chalkboard wall!
It’s done! My third baby girl has something new to call her own thanks to the #oneroomchallenge. I hope she ends up loving the space as much as her momma does! Come take a look at her “vintage schoolroom” nursery by clicking the link in my profile. @callingithome @housebeautiful
This farmhouse gallery wall has the perfect mix of neutral with a little bit of color. Since I can't have a cow of my own, I'm going to hang one on my wall!
Meet Clarabelle. Last year, my two year old daughter named every baby Clara or Clarabelle, Now it’s the name of this cutie and she will be a way for us to remember our daughter’s fun little naming stage. Click on the link in my profile to find out where to get your own little Clarabelle!

What can you do with a dresser without drawers? What a great idea to create a refinished dresser without drawers into storage for beach supplies! This would be great at a lake house or beach house.
To think I almost told my dad I didn’t want this drawer-less dresser he found, and then I almost threw it away after it sat in my garage for months and months. Inspiration hit minutes before hauling to a dumpster. Anyone else craving beach weather right about now?
A crate from a thrift store can easily be made into a beautiful farmhouse crate with some chicken wire and a whitewash finish.
This little piece of #trashure started off as a wooden crate wrapped in a Christmas ribbon. I added some farmhouse love with a whitewash treatment and wire mesh and now it has a new lease on life. Swipe the photo to see its transformation. Thanks @prodigalpieces for tagging me to play along with your fun hashtag!

An EASY way to hang a gallery wall; this is just what I need! I love the farmhouse look to this gallery wall.
I updated our gallery wall with the help of @minted and some good old fashioned DIY projects. Stop by the link in my profile to see what my daughter named the cutie in the corner. #ad #iwantacow #thiswillhavetodo
Four free vintage botanical prints are the perfect way to decorate for spring!
You better believe I snagged these beauties up when I saw them at a garage sale! I’m sharing these two prints (and two more!) on the blog. Just click on the link in my profile to download your own!
A room inspired by a vintage classroom? What a cool idea for a nursery!
It’s week 2 of the #oneroomchallenge, and I’ve sure spent a lot of time collecting goodies to add to my vintage schoolroom nursery. Perhaps I should apply that energy to some of the bigger projects, like installing the new floors? It’s just not nearly as fun as shopping though…
I used some old fence wood and a glass jar to make this wooden cross. It’s my favorite piece on our wall and it’s ready just in time for my favorite day of the year. You can see the full tutorial by following the link in my profile.
how to make word pillows with fabric | how to cut fabric with silhouette | DIY pillow with vintage fabric
We’re up in Wisconsin for spring break, and although the weather isn’t like your typical spring break destination, we still love it here. There will be no jumping in the lake on this trip, though! Click on the link in my profile for all the details on this vintage fabric pillow from last year. #iloveoldstuff #vintagelove
I love using book pages to decorate. This free printable makes these so easy to make - just print and frame!
This should really say, “hello snow”, but I’m looking ahead to warmer days and the coming of spring! I teamed up with some other optimists and we all decked out our mantels for the upcoming season. Follow the link in my profile to see all the springtime inspiration! (Tagging half the hosts in this photo and half in the next!) #decorateyourmantel #springiscoming #thinkspring
By using picture frames purchased at garage sales and thrift stores, it's easy and cheap to create a custom gallery wall!
I love old photos, especially those of my family members. I created this gallery wall from thrift store frames and displayed a bunch of pictures of my dad’s side of the family. Looking at them makes me wish I could travel back in time to experience life back then!
Finally! An easy way to attach dresser knobs to wood!
Anyone else love the knobs selection at Hobby Lobby? I picked up a few patterned ones to make this rack for my girls’ room AND I’m finally sharing all the details about how to easily attach them to any piece of wood.
It’s been awhile since I painted this one, but it’s still one of my favorites! I used Coastal Blue Milk Paint by @generalfinishes and milk glass knobs from @dlawlesshardware to give this beauty a second life!
Install a DIY plank wall | how to whitewash wood | whitewashed horizontal plank wall | whitewash ship lap wall
I’m thinking about diving into another One Room Challenge this spring, so I thought I’d share my $200 bathroom makeover from two years ago. It’s holding me over until I’m finally able to gut it!
The best way to start seeds | The trick to starting seeds in the spring
I hope to plant all my seeds this week, but this year, when they get to this stage, I’m not going to forget to bring them inside at night and have the frost kill. them. all. 😩 #forgetful #outdoors #seedlings #gardening #diyblogger #spring
These spindles on this antique bed are gorgeous! It works to paint it since the finish was in pretty bad shape. It can always be stripped later!
I must admit, I’m a little jealous of my 3-year-old. I’d love to sleep in an antique Jenny Lind bed! This bed is the width of a crib, but the length of a twin bed. Crazy, right?
This would be such an easy way to decorate for Valentine's Day. I love the neutral colors!
I’m keeping most of my Valentine’s decor neutral this year, and this garland was so easy to make. Some yarn and twine and lots of wrapping!
$40 to update a couch?! Instead of buying a new couch, you can easily sew a slipcover! Using drop cloths as the fabric keeps the cost down.
My grandpa was a phenomenal artist, and I need to get more of his pieces framed so I can display them in our home. He painted the piece above the couch at our cottage, and I love the bright, happy colors!
Even though it feels like spring here in Chicago (50 degrees and rainy in February…what?!) there’s still quite a bit of time before any pretty tulips like these sprout up. For now I’ll just enjoy this pic from last year of them in my thrifted DIY farmhouse crate!
Every day I second-guess my decision to order the “coastal white” cabinets instead of the pure white ones when we renovated our kitchen three years ago. The only plus is that they hide all the dirty fingerprint and food smudges from the kids much better than white. I guess it was a life over design decision, but I still don’t know if it was the right one!
rustic DIY woven bench | take a chair or bench without a seat and make a woven top | how to weave twine into a seat
I totally underestimated the time it would take for me to weave the top of this broken cane bench. Do you have any projects that seemed to just take forever?
rustic valentine's decor | barn wood heart made with salvaged wood | DIY pallet wood sign with image transfer
I always wait until February to pull out my Valentine’s decor. It’s probably my least favorite holiday to decorate for, but I still enjoy keeping it up for a couple of weeks. Not to be all Scrooge or anything, but do you have a least favorite holiday when it comes to decorating?