Stacked Flower Pot Herb Garden

stacked flower pot herb garden tutorial

Although I’m fortunate to have a massive back yard, I’m always looking for ways to save precious yard and garden space.  I’ve planted herbs in a large pot in years past, but have always found it a bit annoying how oregano and thyme spread out, taking up the space of more vertical growing herbs like rosemary.  So, I used the design from AtoZ Home Stories to make my own stacked herb garden.  Now, each herb has it’s own little “home” to call it’s own.

The tutorial I read used terracotta pots, but I decided to go the cheaper (but still attractive and sturdy) route.  I bought these plastic pots for only $0.99 from my local home improvement store with the bonus that they were already painted!  (School’s almost out for summer, but right now, I need to make time-saving decisions for my projects.)


Due to the fact that my planter wouldn’t need to hold as much weight, I used a 4 foot garden stake instead of rebar.

Assembly was super simple.  I hammered the stake into the ground at least 1 foot deep.  Then, I placed the larger pot through the stake until it was resting on the ground.  I added gravel to the bottom to give it extra stability.



I filled it with potting soil, and then threaded the next pot on top.  Here, I angled the pot to rest more on it’s side.  (Bottom lip in the soil, side of the pot resting on the top of the previous pot.)  I alternated the direction that the pots were facing as I continued threading them onto the stake.  After each one was filled with potting soil, I added my plants, and hammered the extra bit of the stake that was sticking out into the ground.



It’s holding up great so far, and taking up far less space in the yard!

stacked flower pot tutorial
 herb garden tutorial


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