The Ugly, Dirty, Dingy is Gone! | ORC Week 2


ORC bathroom week 2 tile

Upon first glance, it probably looks as if nothing has really changed, but I tackled the two ugly projects first:  the nasty grout and the counter top.  Remember, this is what the room looked like before.

ORC bathroom before

The grout was cracked and dirty, dirty, dirty – even after a nice scrub with bleach cleaner.  My floor and I got to know each other well this week, but the couple of hours I spent on the floor with an eyebrow brush were SO WORTH IT.  I’ll be posting later about the product I used and all the tricks I learned.  For now, look at the difference!  It’s by no means perfect, and I wish more than anything I could just replace the tile, but for the time being it’s a huge improvement, and very friendly on the budget!

tile before and after

The second project this week was the “new” counter top.  I read some articles about using a feather finish concrete over existing counters, and I gave it a try.  I’m still going to dye it and seal it, but I already love the industrial, imperfect look of it.

ORC bathroom week 2

I still haven’t create a mood board, but the vision is now a lot clearer in my head and I have a plan of action!

  • Remove fixtures and patch holes in drywall
  • “Cubbyhole” storage in the wall
  • Feather finish concrete counter top
  • Dye counter top and seal
  • Install faucet
  • Repair and refinish grout
  • Paint walls
  • Paint vanity
  • Install new light fixture
  • Wood feature wall
  • Vintage door knob towel rack
  • Antique spindle toilet paper holder
  • Final touches

For next week, my priorities are repairing the drywall, cutting out the little cubbyhole, and painting the room.  As for the color of the walls – your guess is as good as mine at this point – precisely why I struggle with design boards.

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ORC Guest Blue

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