Updating the Vanity on the Cheap | ORC Week 4

For all of you who have remodeled, or even redecorated a room, you know that things need to get worse before they get better.  I think I’m at my low point this week.  So low, in fact, that the best shot I could get of the room looks like this:

ORC mid point progress

I do my best work at night when the girls are sleeping, so I seized the opportunity to get some work done tonight and painted the vanity.  For now, all you get to see is a vanity with misplaced drawers and doors.  You’ll need to wait until the final reveal for the glamour shots.  I used a mix of three General Finishes Milk Paint colors to come up with this shade.  My husband commented right away that I matched the old color of the walls quite perfectly.  Maybe I’m not changing that much of this room after all…

vanity before and after

I am most excited about the vanity top.  Remember it used to be a faux granite-looking black?  I told you last week that I used concrete feather finish to cover it, but I didn’t want the dark color of natural concrete when it’s sealed.  I figured out a way to lighten up the counter for $11, but I’m not done yet.  I have one more step before this baby is finished.  I’ll share more details next week.  So far, I’ve only put in $27 into updating this vanity!!

concrete counter top mid progress

Last week I was one project behind on my to-do list, and this week I’m still only one project behind.  Time to get moving.  Here’s what’s left to do:

  • Remove fixtures and patch holes in drywall
  • “Cubbyhole” storage in the wall
  • Feather finish concrete counter top
  • Dye counter top and seal
  • Install faucet
  • Repair and refinish grout
  • Paint walls
  • Paint vanity
  • Install new light fixture
  • Wood feature wall
  • Vintage door knob towel rack
  • Antique spindle toilet paper holder
  • Final touches
Image Credits: Maison de Pax via Remodelaholic | Lowes | Architecture Art Designs | The Creativity Exchange
Image Credits: Maison de Pax via Remodelaholic | Lowes | Architecture Art Designs | The Creativity Exchange

For next week, I need to finish up that cubbyhole shelf, finish and seal the vanity top, and tackle that wood feature wall!

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ORC Guest Blue

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4 thoughts on “Updating the Vanity on the Cheap | ORC Week 4

  1. I so hear you on the despair at how long it all takes! We just started on our bathroom too, or rather, creating a new bathroom, and I have all the things to put in it, but no walls, no insulation, needs a new window, the boiler moving, la la la la la and so on for eternity! We do however now have the most beautiful vanity as the quartz top I had made from an offcut arrived yesterday and we could finally put it all together. Can’t wait to see it in situ. Love the colour of yours – from the pic it looks very similar to the colour we will be using in the bathroom too!
    I just wrote a post about DIY lessons – it might amuse you and reassure you we all know how you feel right now!! 🙂 Keep going, soon it will be spectacular!

    1. It’s amazing how much work goes into a renovation – especially like the full scale reno you are going through! In the end, it is well worth it, and it’s so fun to find the pieces that make it come together along the way. I bet your quartz top is gorgeous!

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