DIY Animal Hooks

This was a fun project.  It makes me smile every time I walk through the “middle room”, “office”, “extra-large hallway”, “whatever you want to call this room”.  Recently, this room has undergone a transformation to give it a little more of a functional purpose.  I transformed an armoire into a hidden office, and refreshed an old buffet to hold toys and other items in need of a home.  Even with the new storage systems, I still found myself tossing the girls’ backpacks and daycare bags into the corner of this room.  I needed some hooks.

In walk the pig, giraffe, bear, and tiger.  Well, I suppose only half of them walked into the room, the other half are in a box in the basement.
Two of these little guys had seen better days, because my dogs love to chew on rubber-ish toys.  Fortunately for me, only their faces were chewed (not as fortunate for the animals, though).  I bought the other two from Hobby Lobby.
There’s something so wrong with clamping an animal in a vice grip and using a hacksaw to cut it in two.  Sorry, buddies.
I took a strip of leftover bead board and painted it. The animal butts got two coats of spray paint.
 I drilled pilot holes into the bead board and then used screws to attach the animals to the front.
I attached it to the side of the toy storage “buffet” with a couple of screws.  It’s such a fun and functional addition to the room!

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8 thoughts on “DIY Animal Hooks

  1. Just adorable. Have to make some for my grandchildrens room for pajamas and robes. Thank you so much for sharing this and for the inspirations. I just love it.

    1. Thanks – it was so easy, you totally should! Just a tip for you – I actually need to replace the giraffe one, because not much stays on it (I wish I had thought of that before). All the rest work great though!

      1. Jenny, thank you for your comment back. You are a real inspiration I must say. What I am going to do is take a little piece of silicone mat the same color as the animal I paint and attach it with glue to the animal. That way nothing will slip off and it will hardly be noticeable. Give it a try before you take your giraffe off ok. Thank you so much for the tip on that. I really think that will work well.

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