Reuse VHS Cases for Art Supply Storage

upcycled VHS cases to storage

Do you have any old VHS tapes that you just haven’t been able to part ways with?  Although you might not have much use for the actual tapes, the cases may come in handy for some storage around your home.

reuse old vhs cases

Lately I’ve been playing the never-ending battle of trying to keep toys in the rooms where they are stored.  It makes picking up the house so much easier, when I don’t need to travel up and down from the basement to put away toys that wandered their way upstairs.

reuse old vhs cases

There are a few items that I’ve found we need in every room in our house – books and art supplies are go-to activities.  I’ve found that if I have an organization system in every room for those items, my girls can follow that system (and make my life easier).

reuse old vhs cases

In the living room, I reused some old VHS tape cases to create art supply storage that doesn’t take up a ton of room and still corrals all those crayons, colored pencils, and markers.

It couldn’t have been easier – it hardly even warrants a “tutorial”!

Photo Jan 19, 4 34 30 PM

I slipped out the labels for the movies, used it as a template to cut out scrapbook paper of the same size, and slipped the fun paper back in.

reuse old VHS cases

That’s it.  Super easy.  Not only do these hold our art supplies in the living room, I’ve also grabbed them to use in the car as well.

So even if you need to throw away those old VHS tapes, keep a few of those cases!

upcycled vhs tapes

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