Vintage Ruler Magnetic Knife Rack

diy magnetic wood knife holder

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My inspiration came from a post from  I took into consideration what it said, but then used some trial and error to make this work for me.

First, I had to start with something a little different than a piece of wood.  I love the rustic look, but I also like the unique look.  I had a 5 foot vintage ruler that I found at an estate sale in the back corner of  the garage, for $1!  I’m wondering if this ruler was maybe once attached to a large drafting table?  Or maybe someone who knows what they’re talking about knows what it was used for?

I cut it down (which was quite painful, but I have a couple of other projects planned for the other pieces, so I think I’m okay with my decision).

diy wood magnetic knife holderI used a 1/2″ forstner bit to drill holes into the back, because I was using 1/2″ diameter neodymium magnets (1/8″ inch thick).  Boy, these magnets sure are powerful!  Don’t walk near any saws, screwdrivers, knives, you get the picture.  I fit two magnets into each hole, and since the drill bit was 1/2″, they fit just tight enough – no need for glue.

These magnets are stubborn, but I am stubborner!  After quite a bit of fighting, flipping, and a little bit of freaking out, I learned a couple of tricks that made my life a lot easier.  I figured out that the best way to put them in was the way that they seemed to want to fall.  If you flip them over, you’ll feel the resistance as you try to smash it into the hole, and this creates a mess as you try to put more in.  I also made sure to cover up all the magnets with my hand that were already in place before I brought the next magnet to the open hole.  Finally, I kept my tube of magnets far from the board, because if it gets anywhere near to it, it pulls them all out – it’s out of control!

diy magnetic wood knife rack 2

I drilled two pilot holes and then attached it with screws.  I considered adding hanging brackets on the back, but I liked the look of the gold colored screws.

diy magnetic knife rack

Of course, I made sure to hang it far out of reach of little, grabby hands, but still right in my reach near my cutting board!

diy magnetic knife holder

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19 thoughts on “Vintage Ruler Magnetic Knife Rack

  1. It looks great and sounds like you had some interesting magnet fun along the way. I have visions of your wrestling with magnets as the cling to each other, and your project, and anything magnetic!
    I love the ruler instead of plain wood so I’m sure your decision to cut it down was the right one in the end, I can’t wait to see what else you make with the rest of it.

    1. Yep, I hope you’re chuckling to yourself as you envision the magnet nightmare. I mostly had to laugh as it continued to happen, over and over, because if I didn’t laugh, I would have had to wash my mouth out with soap.

  2. Jenny, you knocked it out of the park on this one! I ADORE the ruler as a knife rack. I never would have thought to use the magnets on the back so they are not visible! Sweet! That opens up so many possibilities…. small jars with their metal lids … hmmm. Thanks also for your insight into dealing with the magnets. I laughed out loud at the phrase “wash my mouth out with soap”! I haven’t heard that in a long time!

  3. YOU are some kind of wonderful, clever, and creative. This is so cool, i love it.
    I love the magnets and how you kept the “vintage look”.. 5 stars on this one.
    So handy and great looking,

  4. This is such an awesome project! Love it! I wanted to let you know that it’s my pick of the week at the DIY Sunday Showcase! Thanks so much for linking up and your feature will be live on Sat eve!

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