Grain Sack Inspired Telephone Chair

I recently found this grain sack at an estate sale.  (I don’t know if I’ve mentioned how much I love estate sales.  I love them.  My 2 year old daughter calls it “shopping in someone’s house”, which couldn’t be closer to the truth.)

This phone table/chair was slightly inspired by the grain sack, and slightly a result of me fidgeting with my Frog Tape and finding a stripe pattern that I liked.  Of course, before I could paint those stripes, I needed to hide all that wood!

I mixed up some of my leftover turquoise paint with some gray and made it into a homemade chalky paint.  (I really need to get to the store to buy some Annie Sloan paint.  I’m ready to take the leap, but there are so few stores around me that carry it, I just haven’t made the 45 minute drive yet.  I guess that’s what the internet is for!)  I used wax around the edges of the piece so some of that light turquoise would show through.  After three coats of an off-white chalky paint (again, I mixed up a couple of leftovers), I painted the stripes on the table.  After distressing, I used furniture wax to finish her off.

This is the chair that I take my monthly photos of my youngest daughter in, and up until this point, it was a worn-down, water-stained piece of furniture, that only had its fun shape and design going for it.

Now, it’s an adorable and oh-so-clean beauty.  The first six months of photos are going to look like garbage compared to the next six months.  Well, in all honesty, I’m not that great at taking photos anyway (as you may have noticed).  It’s something that I should probably work on, but right now, I’d much rather use that little bit of free time I have to paint something, or go to an estate sale.

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