Knife Block to Thread Organizer

repurpose knife block DIY

With the goal of staying organized on a budget, I spent $2.00 to create this thread organizer for my craft table.  I know, I know, I can easily buy thread organizers for a few bucks more, but I’m all about using something I already have to create something new.  That’s exactly why this old knife block is no longer holding knives, but thread!

upcycled knife blockI also had these wooden skewers that I bought on clearance a few months back.  They are a little thicker than BBQ skewers, I think they might actually be for caramel apples.  I reason I’m devoting so much time to explaining the thickness of these silly skewers is because I ended up needing to drill holes into the block to fit the skewers.  If you used thinner ones, which you can find at any grocery store or the dollar store, you probably wouldn’t need to drill anything.

repurpose knife block

Anyway, I filled the slots with wood filler, and then drilled holes into the block.  A couple of drops of wood glue into the holes, and the skewers are tight and snug in those holes – they aren’t going anywhere.

upcycled knife block 3

I gave the block a coat of spray paint and tested it out as soon as it dried.

upcycled knife block to thread organizerIn hindsight, I would have made the skewers stick out a little more, so then they could easily hold the thread and the coordinating bobbins.  They fit right now, but some just barely fit.

knife block to thread organizer*Update – a reader suggested I put the bobbins on the bottom of the spools – why didn’t I think of that??  It was a great idea, and now I’ve organized my thread using this tip.*

thread organizer sewing area

And just because I love my little sewing area, here’s a shot of my corner of the basement.  I used fabric to cover an old door (yes, it’s an obnoxious pattern, but the rest of this little basement is a playroom, so I picked colors to match).  My favorite part is the painting (painted on a piece of plywood) by my grandpa.  He was an artist, and I love sitting down to create and thinking about where all that creativity likely came from.  Thanks, Grandpa!!

repurposed knife block

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18 thoughts on “Knife Block to Thread Organizer

  1. Cute idea; if you put the bobbin first and then the spool of thread, it wouldn’t matter if the skewers are a little short.

      1. if you use thumb tack, a small piece of fabric and some cotton stuffing to the front lower panel you will also have a pin cushion!

        i also would like to leave the larger hole in top to store the scissors.

    1. How do you figure? Guess I’m just dense but when I try to do what you said, it’s still the same height. My thread spools are not concave. I could your advise because I just moved all my stuff from one house to another and have gobs of thread and bobbins. BTW, I found that the TWO week pill organizers found at Dollar Tree are great for storing bobbins. They’re 3 1/2″ wide by 7 1/8″ long and 1 1/4″ deep and each day of the week will hold three plastic bobbins.

  2. Love what you created. I’ve been wanting to make a thread holder for myself. I don’t have a knife block, but sure I can find one for 50 cents to a $1 at my local Salvation Army. I love the color green you used.

  3. I tried to sign up for your weekly email, but it flashed on the screen that my sign-up was not successful. I tried again and don’t know if it was then, or not. Love your ideas and hope I keep getting them.

    1. Thanks so much, Betty! I checked my email list, and I didn’t see your email address, so I added you manually to the list. You will receive posts once a week (every Friday morning) and you can opt out at any time. Thanks for following!!

  4. Love anything creative..however I was informed by a sewing teacher that leaving thread in the light compromises them. Anyone else heard of this?

    1. That’s a great question to bring up. I actually don’t know, but I would probably trust the sewing teacher – they definitely know more than I do about sewing!

  5. Ah, shucks, after shifting that extra block from one garage shelf to another I finally tossed it. Wouldn’t you know!! Grrr! Dang!!

  6. love the ideas…..i’m a quilter and LOVE the idea of the head board for storing quilts….need a place to hold till i get them on the longarm…BIG junk day coming…it will be at the top of my list…THANKS!

  7. If drilling holes anyway, why not angle some more skewers on the front and sides for even more thread/bobbins. Love the idea. Aand I think leaving the scissor space open makes lots of sense.

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