Well, at least we painted | One Room Challenge Spring 2017 | Week 2

A room inspired by a vintage classroom? What a cool idea for a nursery!

I painted the room this week, and the dresser, and that’s about all that I’ve accomplished.  I didn’t realize how difficult it is to work in a room where a baby sleeps virtually all day.  Now, I am certainly not complaining that my 3 month old sleeps what feels like all day and all night.  In fact, I’m a little hesitant to even type that she sleeps so well, because all you parents out there know what can happen when you make the comment that you have a great sleeper, right?!

We don’t have much extra space in our house, and the girl really likes to sleep in her room and not much anywhere else, so my husband and I need to get creative when we figure out when to install the flooring.  We still don’t have a plan, but it’ll get done!

For now, I’ve made a little work/pile zone outside of her bedroom door.  (When I took this picture, you guessed it, she was sleeping behind that closed door.)

I stripped the finish off that rocking chair and am already loving it so much more than before.  I’ll stain it and reupholster the seat with a black and white fabric.

Like I said before, painting is what I accomplished this week.  The room is a disaster zone, but we now have a vintage green chalkboard wall and a painted dresser.

A room inspired by a vintage classroom? What a cool idea for a nursery!

I’m most excited for the accessories in this room, because I love vintage anything.  Here is a peek at a few of the fabrics and items that will be going in the space.

That’s all the updating I can do right now.  Here’s hoping those floors are installed by next week (and that my little girl keeps sleeping like an awesome-sauce baby).

If you missed my ideas for my vintage schoolroom inspired nursery, you can see them here:

A boring nursery gets transformed into a vintage classroom!

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26 thoughts on “Well, at least we painted | One Room Challenge Spring 2017 | Week 2

  1. That’s awesome that your baby is a good sleeper at 3 months old! Yeah…that will make it a little tough to work on her room. Hehe. I love the theme of this room and those little peeks of decor! Good luck with week 3 coming up!

  2. That rocking chair is such a great find! I’m currently on the hunt for a compact glider for our nursery, and man those things are so ugly LOL Can’t wait to see this space take shape over the next few weeks!

  3. my youngest was a good sleeper as a baby and gave up napping at 2…even though he still needs to nap….you can’t ever win with kids and sleeping haha. Loving the green chalkboard wall and all your little details for the space 🙂

  4. Forget the room progress for a second and can we just talk about how your little one like to sleep and like to do so in her own room! Next weeek Can you please post a tutorial on how to get our two year old out of our bed! Lol! (And that wall is awesome too!)

  5. Jenny this is going to be such a pretty space! I love the green vintage chalkboard wall and all the other vintage touches and accessories you plan to add too. They’re so cool. I can’t imagine doing the ORC with kids much less a baby so my hats off to you for making all of this work. I know it’s going to be so fabulous! Hugs, CoCo

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