Vintage Rustic Industrial Bathroom Reveal

vintage rustic industrial bathroom on a budget

The final reveal is here!  I took our blah main bathroom – where all four of the family members shower, brush our teeth, do all that daily bathroom “stuff” – and turned it into a functional space that we actually enjoy.

Here’s where we started a short six weeks ago.

ORC bathroom before

Then I did a little work here and a little work there over the past couple of weeks (and a whole lot of work this last week).

Which brings me to how our bathroom looks today.

budget bathroom remodel with whitewash plank wall

Besides the fact that the room is finished, I have quite a few things to celebrate!  The tile and grout look 38 times better.  We now have enough room to hang our towels without the bar falling off the wall.  Our four toothbrushes and three different kinds of toothpaste can finally stop cluttering up the counter.  Speaking of the counter, it’s not an ugly plastic black any longer.  Our faucet doesn’t leak from both the hot and cold water handles.  The room now has a little bit of charm and style, at least in my opinion.  I spent less than $200.

Install a DIY plank wall | how to whitewash wood | whitewashed horizontal plank wall | whitewash ship lap wall

The whitewashed plank wall is still my favorite feature, and it was so easy and inexpensive to make and install!

diy rustic white plank wallIt was so fun to look through my stash of things that didn’t sell at the last market I sold at and “shop” for items to use in my bathroom.

build a cubbyhole in your wallGoodbye counter top clutter!

refinished vanity with paint and fabric lined drawersIn order to make it feel like I had a new vanity, I painted it with General Finishes Milk Paint in equal parts Driftwood, Coastal Blue and Seagull Gray and lined the drawers and bottom of the cabinet with leftover fabric.

diy concrete marble counter top vanityThis concrete “faux marble” counter top is my favorite project in the room.  I took that ugly black counter top and created this look for less than $35.  I’ll be sharing just how I did it soon.  All I’ll tell you for now is that it’s not painted…

rustic industrial barn wood towel rackNow we have enough room for all of our towels, and even one for a guest.

rustic industrial bathroom towel hookI don’t know what this hook was originally used for, but now it holds a hand towel.

rustic vintage stained glass windowMy dad found four of these windows in an attic he was clearing out.  I originally took one to hang above my sink in our kitchen window, but never got around to hanging it.  So for now, it’s tucked in the wall space behind the door.

wooden crate wall shelf in bathroomThose are old salsa, applesauce, and pasta sauce jars, topped off with vintage knobs I’ve found at flea markets along the way.   Here’s how I transformed those jars. The little pink glass creamer jar will hold jewelry and hair bands before baths and showers.

rustic wooden crate bathroom wall shelfI found this crate at an estate sale last spring and had it out at all of my pop-up markets this summer (for $12, which I thought was a reasonable price), but it never sold.  I’ve always loved the lettering on the side, so I’m really glad no one else took it home because now it has a permanent home in my bathroom.

rustic industrial vintage bathroom on a budget

I just love how the wall turned out.  I originally planned to only put the plank wall on the small wall behind the door.  My husband, of all people, told me that was silly, and I needed to “go big or go home”.  I use this phrase all the time, but my husband is never one to utter those words, especially on a home improvement project.  I’m sure glad he did, though!  We both love it, and that’s all that really matters around here.

Here are all the DIY tutorials for the space:

Click here to read my full disclosure policy.
Click here to read my full disclosure policy.

In case you’d like to use an of these products on your own home, here is a rundown of what went into the space.

White Washed Plank Wall

Vanity and Counter Top

Floor and Walls


  • Barn light (Lowes) (here’s a similar one) – $40
  • Pine wood plank and white barn wood – free from wood piles!
  • Rope Cleats – $12
  • Antique glass door knobs – $3 each (you can find reproduction ones here)
  • Label holders – $3
  • Vintage goodies – I picked up most of these at garage sales or estate sales.  I don’t think I paid more than $2 for any of the items I used in the room.  Total – $10

Total Cost: $208

I sold my old bathroom set and the picture frame that used to hang over our toilet for $25, so you better believe I subtracted that from my total bathroom makeover cost!

Making the grand total $183.

complete bathroom makeover for $200 | budget bathroom remodel | vintage rustic industrial bathroom | modern farmhouse bathroom

If you’re new around here, you might not know I always decorate and remodel on a budget.  And when I say budget, I mean it.  Nothing like those posts you see that say it was a budget remodel, but they spent more on the bathtub than I can spend on a whole room.  Yes, maybe their space looks nicer in the end, but we just can’t swing that much.  In fact, for the last One Room Challenge I completely gutted and remodeled a full bath at our cottage in Wisconsin, for $1,000.  You should check it out, especially if you like budget remodeling as much as I do!

cottage bathroom before and after

There are a ton of other AMAZING room reveals that were completed over this 6 week One Room Challenge.  Head on over to Calling it Home to see all of them!

ORC Guest Blue

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36 thoughts on “Vintage Rustic Industrial Bathroom Reveal

  1. Hi Jenny, your bathroom redo came out awesome! Love that plank wall. Good thing you did the entire wall…it came out wonderful. Love all the rustic and industrial elements you added in this space. So impressed that you did this for such a small budget. Congrats on finishing this challenge!

  2. This is such a great transformation. From boring and bland to rustic and pretty. You did a great job and I love all of the little touches. The light fixture is very pretty and the crate used as a shelf is also neat. But my favorite has to be the hooks which are very original.

    1. Hi Dorothy! I’m going to be devoting a whole post to the countertop very soon. I will email you the link once it’s up. Then, if you have other questions, I can definitely try to help out!

  3. I love your wall! I’ve been wanting to do this in a bathroom for quite some time, but don’t know how. Do you have a tutorial?

  4. I absolutely love the transformation! The plank wall is fabulous. One question … What did you do with the tub surround? It looks like subway tile, but I’m certain it’s not since that would up the cost considerably. You didn’t mention what you used. I need to revamp my dated bathroom and you gave me some good ideas.

    1. Hi Christina. Yeah, the bathtub stayed as is. It’s an acrylic tub surround and in decent shape, so I’m going to extend its life for a few more years. However, when I did my other bathroom, it was a complete gut, so I had to replace the tub tile. White ceramic subway tile is a very budget friendly option. I think I tiled the entire tub surround (up to the ceiling) for a little over $100. Best of luck on your bathroom!

  5. Gorgeous!! I love the transformation of this bathroom! Isn’t it amazing how changing a few things out and changing some paint colors totally make a huge difference??!! Great job!!

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