A Fresh Coat of Paint is Magical | One Room Challenge (Week 3)

This small bedroom will get an overhaul to accommodate two growing girls!

I’ll be the first to admit this room looks boring right now, but it’s all part of the room transformation process, right?
Paint a room like a professional! What's the correct order for painting a room? There really is a "right way" that will help you to save time and to paint clean lines throughout the room.I’m trying to create a bedroom, with only 99 square feet of space, into a shared space for my two young girls.  The plan is to create individual areas that will help them to not pull each other’s hair when they get to that dreaded middle school age.  We’ll see how that goes!

You can take a look at the room when we started two weeks ago, and take a look at the design plan for the space.

This week, we removed the carpet and installed the new laminate floors.  We painted the room and gave the trim a fresh coat of paint as well (I couldn’t help myself.  When the flooring is ripped out, there’s no better time for it!)


A special thanks to Behr for providing the paint for this room!  Using quality paint really does make a difference when painting a room, and the Behr Premium Plus Ultra made painting this room a breeze!  

We chose Spun Wool for the wall color, and I used my go-to for painting trim, an Alkyd based paint.  I shared all my tips for quickly painting a room including the best order for painting the ceiling, trim, and walls.

Here’s that list of what still needs to be completed.  I’m really not nervous…should I be?

  • Paint room and repaint baseboards and trim
  • Remove carpet and install laminate floors
  • Construct a lofted bed and install
  • Make a macrame closet cover
  • Build wall mount bookshelves
  • Make a hot air balloon hanging pendant light
  • Sew a quilt for my daughter
  • Wall art – inspirational quote canvas
  • Wall art – song lyric artwork

And  a couple of new additions that I forgot needed to be completed when I first made this list (awesome…):

  • Make and install DIY curtain rods
  • Organize the girls’ closet

Be sure to check out the progress of all the other rooms at Calling it Home!

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15 thoughts on “A Fresh Coat of Paint is Magical | One Room Challenge (Week 3)

  1. I love that all of this is DIY, and that you threw organization into the challenge, which I’m also doing for my daughter’s room. It’s part of the process, right? We also have a similar vibe going, though with a different take, so I’m really excited to see how your space turns out!

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