I’ve Got Some “DIYing” to Do | One Room Challenge (Week 4)


A week has passed, and the room looks virtually the same as it did last week.  The only addition I made in the actual room is the installation of the base shoe, but besides that, all of the work for the space has come on DIY projects for the room.

The trouble is, I have a hard time focusing on one project at a time, so I’ve started about 5 different projects, but none of them are actually finished!


I have my strips cut for the jelly roll quilt I still need to sew.

I’ve spent more time than I’d like to admit making knots around the pendant light cord.  I’m 2/3 of the way done!  The paper lantern in the image will be the top of my hot air balloon light, and I finally ordered the item I plan to use for the bottom basket.

I stained the wooden brackets and dowel rods that I plan to use for my curtain rods in the room.  I’ll add a little bling to the ends and then I can install them.

I cut all the boards and started building the wall mounted bookshelves for the room.  I need to finish putting those together and then stain them.

The girls’ new rug will be arriving this Friday!

I still haven’t started to build the loft bed or to make the macrame closet cover, but I have my plans ready for both, so I hope to finish them this weekend.

Here’s a look at the past three weeks:

Well this is a bummer.  I can’t actually cross off anything from my list this week.  Have you ever made a list and crossed out half of the words because you’re halfway done, just to make yourself feel better?  I’ll admit, my paper list has some partial lines on it…

  • Paint room and repaint baseboards and trim
  • Remove carpet and install laminate floors
  • Construct a lofted bed and install
  • Make a macrame closet cover
  • Build wall mount bookshelves
  • Make a hot air balloon hanging pendant light
  • Sew a quilt for my daughter
  • Wall art – inspirational quote canvas
  • Wall art – song lyric artwork
  • Make and install DIY curtain rods
  • Organize the girls’ closet

Be sure to check out the progress of all the other rooms at Calling it Home!

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10 thoughts on “I’ve Got Some “DIYing” to Do | One Room Challenge (Week 4)

  1. Oh, yes, I am bad about doing several projects at one time too. I get stuck on something small and move to the next. But to do it in only six weeks, you gotta be efficient! The fabric colors are beautiful together.

  2. I know the feeling! I’m in the middle of about 12 different things right now and feel like I’ll never actually finish any of them. It’ll all come together! 🙂

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